Drug offenses lead crime stats in Payette County

Guitar man ... Officials searching for clues in bovine tuberculosis episode ... Drug offenses lead crime stats in Payette County ... Idaho mobile home park gets new water source ... Nyssa’s renowned rock festival kicks off next week ... NEWS DIGEST ... Scientists say U.S. unprepared for asteroid strike ... Oregon takes second look at coast mill’s permit ... 0)? ElementById? A law enforcement vehicle is one of many parked in front of downtown businesses in Payette Thursday afternoon. JESSICA KELLERARGUS OBSERVERPAYETTE - Drug and drug equipment offenses topped the crimes Payette County law enforcement officers dealt with in 2007, according to statistics in the recently released Idaho State Police 2007 Agency Crime Report.Overall, the Payette County Sheriff’s Office, Payette Police Department and Fruitland Police Department handled a combined 382 drug and drug equipment charges in 2007, while larceny and simple assault offenses followed suit.According to the report, all but...
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